Ferret Frenzy

Demon Hunter
I love these little buggers.

Their names are Carl and Steven. Has anyone else named theirs? XD
They are hefty to use.. I mean.. they don't die ;)

That is good enough for me, though they do deal a bit low of a damage.. seeing those critters run up to some Phasebeast and hitting them is just funny.

Furry power for the win >_<

If name calling.. I'd call them.. Ren and Stimpy or something. LOL
I just wished they are more focused on getting the gold around you instead of tickling the mobs. lol


the bonus should be '+ to your pickup radius' instead of them picking up the gold.
They're not getting all of it especially when you're vaulting around.
hard to believe but ferrets actually aren't bad with strafe + legacy nats on mp0-1 LOL
The ferrets themselves should bonus from you character pickup radius

This would prevent them from wasting time running up to every little stack of gold individually

As it is now with 5-7 pickup on your gear and just vaulting to pickup gold you'll actually pick it up faster than ferrets
I agree, they should be 'buffed' :p

Love my ferrets, I call them kit and kat
I often have them kill the last monster that run towards me with their tickling claws

I even use they in my banner and ever since they have been my lucky charm xp
If those ferrets do get 10 Yrd radius of GOLD magnet, yes, GOLD only, that it will by far be "buffed" already ;)
I call mine 'Jay' and 'Wilson'.

Strangely enough they never seem to do as they should, which is picking up gold. Sometimes they walk really slowly, and sometimes they clump together and look weird and glitchy.

Not working as intended I fear.

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