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Demon Hunter
So.. I'm using it to farm plevels.

So.. only SoJ - Lightning, Tal Rasha Amulet - Lightning, 3 Piece Tal Rasha for that +% Lightning.. so.. only those can increase its damage?

I know the EA Mods on SoJ and Quiver already.. so those count.. and even the straight DPS upgrade..

Will those items really increase the damage because of the +% to Lightning Damage? or it would just work and increase DPS if you use a WHITE/BLACK weapon damage skill? like Nether?
that's not how +% element items work.

Those items add a % of that type of elemental damage to your physical 'black' damage. (based off your weapons physical damage and accounting for any +min/max items)

example: A +5% holy damage item will add 5% damage to your "black" damage.

So all skills benefit from it.
But the set bonuses of tal rashas is element skills do x% more damage. That bonus would be exclusive to lightning skills. Or fire for the 2 piece etc.

Edit:^ is correct though on SOJ and Tal rasha ammy X% to element dmg. Only applies to black wep and all skills will benefit.
I'm using Danetta and Calamity, both have non-elemental attacks.. So even then, if the element of the skill is Lightning, it'll still benefit.

Thanks then ;)
yes, the % elemental is added to the physical dmg of the weaps, whereas the % to _____ skills is added to the attack type itself... you're benefiting either way because of the physical dmg 1 handers have and you're using lightning skills. the % elemental will add to your paper dps, whereas the tal's set will just add dmg to the lightning attacks, you'll see it in terms of DPS but it wont change anything on paper
yeah, it's ironic that +% elemental damage works on your non elemental weapon damage lol.

so stupid

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