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Dear blizz, I seen something somewhere where you are going to award gear for pvp. Please dont do this with d3. No one wants to grind pvp, like they grind for gear. Pvp is meant to be fun not a grind. Keep it the same as d2 with the gold drops, as gold is important in d3. I dont want to swap gear to pvp, thats just lame. It is lame in wow and it will be lame in d3.

end rant/
I love the idea of pvp gear. I want it.
No pvp gear. This is Diablo, not WoW
11/19/2012 05:11 PMPosted by Spartacus
No pvp gear. This is Diablo, not WoW
I don't care about anything, besides the need for 1v1 duels. If it's gonna be that lame arena stuff...
What is bad about grinding for specific PVP gear? If it helps blizzard's model for making money then they will implement it, if not they will do something else. If they were to have a competitive ladder for PVP, I think having PVP gear makes more sense. That's if they have a ladder though.
The WoW team made this game (and it shows).

If i were you I would get ready to see a lot of the things you didn't want to happen, happen.
11/19/2012 05:12 PMPosted by TROLLYPOLLY
This is Diablo, not WoW

I think wow and diablo have a lot of similarities like this one is gonna kill it? doubtful.

I absolutely hate boss fights such as belial and diablo, I hate fights that have phases.. ( WoW )

"Everyone" hates the AH, oh WoW has one.


11/19/2012 05:21 PMPosted by ellisD
Yes, I quit wow because of arena and I'd quit Diablo if it turned out to be the same shtick.

You wanted pvp in WoW? Theres battlegrounds rated and non rated. Diablo is gonna be arena style pvp... And I think pvp gear would be nice to go with it.
not gonna matter whether pvp rewards gear or not.
even if it does. it's gonna be something like the uber now. LOL
I think this is a good suggestion. Unfortunately I got no bumps or replies.
Only way to properly balance pvp in this game while also making it rewarding. Get over it. Nobody wants to get steam rolled by the hordes of botters and morbidly obese with perfect gear.
In a game that is all about grinding, if there is no reward for spending time doing something, people don't do it.
To avoid Pay-To-Win scenarios they need to introduce PvP gear that is earned through PvP and cannot be sold/traded to other players. This would be ideal, for me. Otherwise I have no interest in competing with rich 12 year olds.
They don't know how to implement PVP.

Hence the last minute decision not to include it.
Hence the silence about it the last 6 months.

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