The MP lvling meet up....

well to start, hardcore MP10 kicks @$$! Since public games don't show MP levels, I decided to start a thread for people who'd like to lvl with other players using various mp in hc. So, I'll start, if ya'd like to do MP10 in norm act1, hit me up. Currently working on a 2 melee characters (loose one, have another to take it's place).

Something to add spice to this thread, loosing hc characters.
MessySesheei: Act 2 Hell, Treasure Vault- decided to run to the treasure room since I was killing everything in 1 shots (lvl 60 item, required lvl 54, pre 1.05) and I got vortexed back into a champ and elite mob with a handful of various norms. Knew I was dead 5 seconds before it happened. lol
I have been running mostly MP 10 lvling up, you can also add me if you want, Good luck!

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