1.0.6 - bring us the Mystic :)

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more usefull features pls
I always loved the idea of the mystic and that she would let you add stats that would be useful to your class or spec but not very important that your picking only one and with the jeweler creating sockets that would be so much more useful for crafting then what it is now and so much more customization then what it is now and a better use for gold in items then the AH also blizzard kept saying customization customization but a month before the game was released they took out most of it and said it felt more mandatory then they wanted but with all the options even if its mandatory you could have choose what gems you put in the sockets and with the mystic you could choose what enchants you wanted on your gear plus the last thing about it there were less affixes on items because of the mystic's enchants..... hell yeah i want they mystic back because i can choose some affixes on equipment that i would like to use instead of FARM FARM FARM and FARM some more for some random chance of what i want or sinking a boat load of gold on the AH for some so so equipment that is not quit what i want.... oh also what about the blacksmith so random that its a boat load of gold and other items for something useless and also i would love to see the jeweler socket items again because sockets are so important with the stat that you can choose and work on getting a gem of a higher quality for more stats... I really liked the idea of crafting before the game was released I really love the game now but not the crafting please work on crafting Blizzard
We need an enchanter, a soc quest, maybe an elixir crafting, and fix the mf-ing blacksmithing. Then that part of the game will be release ready.

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