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Demon Hunter
I've been looking for my next upgrade for quite some time now, but its hard to tell what to focus first. Finding gear worth selling on the ah, let alone gearing myself with, has been a tough battle. What can i swap next on a budget?
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Your rings need need to be upgraded with at least 2 of the trifecta (crit chance, crit damage, or attack speed). Your quiver could use an upgrade to 20% attack speed and more dex. Your gloves and amulet are great, but dex/vit or all resist can be had in those areas as well.

Obviously your gems need to be upgraded as well, mainly the one in your weapon. That's about 30% crit damage that you are missing there. You could finish the Inna's set if you can find a really good belt to make up for the loss of all res or you could buy better Nat boots.

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