Hellfire rings?

1 - I've made two str rings, and wearing either one causes a massive drop in DPS. But perhaps The 35% bonus experience would be useful when doing MP0 where I don't need as much DPS as my usual MP7-8 play. Does this make sense?

2 - Might it be useful to make an int ring for the enchantress?

3 - Some barbs have hf rings with >200 str. My plan has a limit of 200. Are there different plans?
1. Equip hellfire when grinding experience in 0-2mp.

2. dunno. I run mf ring

3. That's because the one of the SET properties of hellfire is ~150-200 of the class' primary stat-- in barbarian's case STR-- but you also get four completely random rolls. One of those rolls can be a strength modifier, boosting it past 200.
Mine suck so bad up to my 12th now it's all just luck
Hellfire Rings are Crap.

The Chances of them being good are 1/1000

They are good for leveling tho - if your in a rush to get to lvl 100

Also good for leveling a new Hero quickly i.e. you dont have to be lvl 60 to use.
Yes use HF to para level, unless its a great rolled ring :)
I just threw my str HF ring on my follower. Its 7% more exp towards what you gain so why not?
my ring rolled alright. it was an upgrade for me
i guess it depens on the roll, mine is a big upgrade

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