UBERS build ... high MP

Witch Doctor
What are you guys using?

I'm thinking Dogs on higher MP are not worth it. But Garg seems to hold his own.

Zombie Bears spam?
Poison Darts?
Big Bad Voodoo?
Leaping spider!!!




It is gear independent(mana management-wise) and reliable for ubers.
I've found snake to the face to be very useful against higher level ubers. As far as crowd control skills, it's the only one that works on all the ubers.

Hex works on Kulle, and horrify (or maybe it was mass confusion) works on one of the others that I can't recall, but poison dart with snake to the face rune will stun all ubers.

I tend to use snake to the face as a primary and acid cloud as the main source of damage. Keep them in place with poison darts and do damage and heal yourself with acid cloud.

I do use both zombie dogs and gargantuan, but I've only solo'd MP5 with my current gear so I'm not sure if the dogs become useless at higher MP. For the gargantuan, use the stun rune and get even more stun than you will with snake to the face.
I can do my dogs build on up to MP 9 ubers right now. Works great and can tank just as good if not better than other tank builds.

Though I'd love to try a high AS snake to the face build, lol, just the name alone would be worth trying out.

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