I was extremely lucky, but were you?

11/18/2012 10:16 AMPosted by ManinBlaq
I attempted act 3 -- and my damage is simply too low, the first elite pack I came across was a long precarious fight.

Hrmm - my barb does 5k less damage and handled act 3 perfectly fine. A4 actually wasn't too bad either, but I still wouldn't want make a habit out of farming there regularly.
11/18/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Bryanw1995
You're geared for belial just fine, let us know when you take him out. The drops on a3 are soooo much better, btw...

Got him. Cheated a little bit by using a protection shrine, but it worn off mid way through 3rd phase.
just got to 60.. been farming warden and butcher for a bit before i progress any further

Inferno is really easy since they added MP...wut like mp2 or 3 was standard infernos back when?
This is the truth. These days, the only thing that's scary about Belial is his reputation. People are still worried about a 1.04 Belial in a 1.05 world.

I remember the 1.03 Beleil... and the Beleil before him... Those were real fights.

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