Can't report/block spammers (e: 45008 / 8005)

Bug Report
Sorry Blizz, gold sellers win this round!

When I try to report a gold seller for spam I get error 45008 (I think I also had some other numbers, but I didn't make a screenshot unfortunately). Here you can see the result of trying to report RIZZO for spam:

When I try to block communication, I get error 8005. Screen:
Now, it is true that I have a lot of spammers on my block list, because I hate them. If there is indeed a limit, please pass it as a suggestion to remove that limit, because it's ridiculous. Filtering messages should be client-side anyway, so performance is not an issue.

As of now, the game is unplayable for me because of this. I can't stand gold spammers, and I refuse to play without chat, so I'll take a break and wait until you fix it.

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