So, how many dead villagers are there?

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um dude some of them live in the burbs. We just dont get to go there.
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um dude some of them live in the burbs. We just dont get to go there.

totally this.

also the cathedral is huge. maybe a whole bunch of them are monks and used to live in there... there do seem to be areas of the cathedral you don't go to (and are for ambiance).

I have also thought that, for an inn, the slaughtered calf doesn't seem to have many rooms, unless they are upstairs.

I hope during the expansion there are more NPCs to do trade with in all of the inaccessible places.
ya, they are all buried instead of left on the ground to rot. lol that is why the cemetary only has one.
well, the lore states that all that is left is the farmers basically. The rest have been wiped out by the hordes.

That still leaves the question, where did they all come from - certainly they are not all from tristram. I myself came from another land to fight in sanctuary.
Given the technological setting of Diablo, there is no indoor plumbing. There is also a curious lack of outhouses in and around the the towns as well.

Therefor I surmise that the locals tend to range far and wide to "do their business" and get waylaid somewhere along their route to have a squat.

^ Post of the day. Maybe the year.
A for Effort...
Uhhh, not sure where I'm going with this .... I need a closer ....
Damn, that's lame.

+1 on blizzards lack of priorities
Tuna, you still haven't taken into account that the corpses could have been zombies but have died good and proper.
In response:
Caverns of Arachnae: I didn't count those since it doesn't say "Dead Villagers" it describes them as "Coccooned Victims". Since it's impossible to determine if they are recently coccooned or have been there a while I decided that it would be best not to count them.

squilibob: The bodies marked as "Dead Villagers" are better preserved and not in the same condition as the risen dead. The wandering corpses have a very distinct appearance that differentiates them from the dead villagers. As I mentioned, I only counted corpses that I could search or people that were in the process of dying. There are bodies strewn about everywhere that I could have counted to pad my numbers, but not taking into account that they are only there for decoration, they are also in a more advanced state of decay than the dead villagers, which means that the should not be counted against the current total of deceased villagers.

Haha another fine example of blizzard moderators posting on useless topics, WHILE HAVING 4 POPULAR TOPICS ABOUT THE SAME GAME EXPLOIT TO CHOSE FROM:


I just logged in to reply to this tread to say what you said...

Meh it wont matter, Lylirra deleted my post anyway check post #26 is unexistant now

Im glad i caught a mod attention for once. Ive been working hard to achieve this for a long time on other WAY more constructive topics such as:



( I still encourage you to pay a visit and judge the quality of the feedback yourself)
Im sad i didnt get your attention on something more constructive Lylirra
and Im sorry you had to delete my post here.
Thanks for giving a reply on the Bot topic though.
I'm just curious why there isn't an achievement called Villager Pillager for exploiting all the corpses in some way.
If there was, I would probably be the first to achieve it. ;)
Yeah, for sure one of the better post in a while.... no QQing, crying over drop rates.... just good old fun and a very interesting view on a game we all love.

Thanks OP for your awesome contribution. more topics like this please :)
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Somebody explain to me why blues post on this threads and leave the important ones to sink on the forum so they get forgotten.

Shut up.

You shut up...

They are not allowed to speak about the main issues and/or they got no knowlegde.
These dead villagers must also have carried their most valuable possessions and their entire life savings on them every time they left the house.

Also, they must be freshly dead as well, otherwise they would be all bloated and ready to pop like the ones in the Caldeum sewers.

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