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I'm not sure where to put this so ill start here. This started a couple weeks ago when i bidded on a Skorn, the bid started at something like 10 million ( i think) i set my max bid at 30 mil and went to bed, there was like 7 hours left. When i woke up i saw i won the auction but was charged the exact amount of my max bid, 30 mill, which i didn't under stand cause that would have meant that some one else was bidding and somehow stopped exactly at 29 mil or something like that, i found that to be pretty improbable but possible so i said o well, weird. Well the same thing just happened today when i was bidding on a ring, open bid was 400k and i set my max at 1 million, with only 10 minutes left i sat and waited. not a single person placed a bid on the item and when the auction was over I was charged the full amount of my max bid? Now i thought that if no one else was to place a bid i would of won the item for the current bid i had, the ring was 400k. Is this a error or what is going on
was hoping for some sort of explanation from blizz or someone.

No one can see the other bids so there's no way I can give you exact details but what probably happened is someone else placed a bid slightly below your max near the end of the auction. Since the system can't place an automatic bid for you higher than what you limited it to which would have normally been done, it went to the max and that was the winning bid.
Im sorry Omrakos but there is no way this can happen once, let alone multiple times where someone just happens to bid your exact amount and ONLY in the final .000000001 seconds. I just finished posting this exact same problem before coming across this thread.

And then I saw this post.

Auctions are taking peoples Max bid and not taking the next closest and highest bidders amount like the game is designed to do.

This is not a coincidence. Something is going on.

This is either a bug, a change in code, a change in Bid Policy but it is definitely something that needs fixing or a statement from Blizz informing the rules have changed.
Enxius ,

You didn't understand what I said, but that's ok, you're entitled to your opinion as am I. If you feel it's a bug, you need to post about it in the Bug Reports forum and provide steps to reproduce it so they can investigate. It has nothing to do with Technical Support.
It amazes me how Blizz employees can just be so obstinate.
I've won several bids in the past week in which I was refunded the difference between my winning bid and my max bid once the auction was over.

There is no issue here, other than a basic lack of understanding regarding the AH and Proxy bidding.

The proxy bidding will bump your bid up 5% over the next highest bidder, on your behalf up to an amount equal to your max bid.

Most people will place their bid in the closing seconds of an auction to "snipe" the item and not give others a chance to drive up the price.

To find out what that bid had to be, divide your max bid by 1.05. The second highest bid had to be some number greater than or equal to that number, but less than or equal to your max bid for you to win the auction and have to pay your max bid.

Now, that being said, there is something else that can happen if you bid too early. Someone else, especially a friend of the seller, can incrementally increase the winning bid by placing their own bids to drive up the price. I won't go into specific detail, but it's entirely possible, and relatively "safe", to do this without taking over as the winning bidder.

So, given enough time prior to the end of the auction, this could also be happening as well.
The only logic I can see happening here is a person bid higher than you, but didn't meet the max bid + 5% increment requirement to win the bid over you.

So in the OP's case, a bid like 30.5m or 31m on the item would not count as a winning bid, even though its higher than yours. But because he bid that value, I think the system automatically pushed the current bid to your bid limit.

The bidder would have needed to bid 31,500,000 to obtain the winning bid from you.

I can see people abuse to force people to pay force their max bid for items.

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