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I think you could get a better helm. Something with a socket if you want to paragon level faster.
^chantodo set for sure. that wand is toooo slow

That is one beautiful set you have. Perfect in all sense of CM/WW. 200k dps !!!

The only thing I can recommend is either OS or 100% cd Chant's with 1.2k dps. Will boost your dps by another 10k - 15k, i guess.
Same advice for you. I know you like the attack speed but the open socket is worth so much more in my view. You can make up the attack speed lost in other places.

Edit: no I don't need a storm crow I get enough APOC to use the mempo. Thanks :)
sorry i have no idea what to upgrade for your wiz - all your gear looks great.

maybe the next person has suggestions for the guy above and me?

Thunder, you can find gloves w/ 10% CC, 9% ias, and tons of INT for cheap.

very nice setup.
nxt upgrade.. probably the yellow ring. i think.

You need to get rid of EA/PA so work on AR. I would upgrade your zuni boots to have better AR.
@ dWerbert I would probably change out gloves for a bit more CC and CD higher int. The AR is nice.

The Signet Downfall. Of course an upgrade could be pretty expensive but I would grab a ring with CD/CC. Full disclosure: I've never played as your type of build so I could be way off.
Hey i have just gotten back into D3 the past week after many many many months off.
Any advice on what i should aim for next?
I have 11% excess run speed at the moment, so deciding what would be the best Runspeed item to drop out for more dos/eHP?


I would get a new amulet first (Tal Rash would be best) . Then new rings..
@ Swoosh.. Nice Gear. Can't say what I would upgrade lol my gear is no where close.

I have upgraded a couple items on my Wiz. What would someone suggest for my next upgrade?

Thanks in advance.
@ Oberron

I'd say git yo self a Storm Crow with crit chance then probably blackthornes jousting mail. Or maybe the other way around if you need the survivability ovr CC.


Pretty nice gear which is what I am trying to get to eventually. Perhaps some more AS (chest armor maybe)

I would like to start getting AS but everything with it is SO expensive it seems...what would be the best piece to get first with what I have?

Wiz Profile:

Get a better source to boost the damage.

your EHP looks good, but you do not have enough apoc/loh. your cc could be higher, too.

I would suggest getting a stormcrow next, preferrably one with cc
Hi all, I need an advice on next upgrade
Here is my gear
And there is my build!XWY!ZbaaZZ
The budget is 50kk and I have a really lot of time for AH since I don`t play a lot.
Would appreciate any advice on next upgrade. low on budget.
@ BloodFury

i would say a better source or a witching hour, notice your not using a black wep you could pick up a high end tals source for cheap might be a decent upgrade.

( dont know why there is 2 of these threads but im going to post in both :P )

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