Should I Dual-Wield?

I have a decent Skorn right now, and I just spent about 40 million gold upgrading stuff that hasn't showed up on my armory yet. I got a new neck, got the IK chest + boots... but I'm still left with about 15 million that I want to pump into my Barb.

Is it worth it to try and dual-wield this character? Heard my numbers might be a little less on paper, but that it'd be a lot easier to survive in mp5+ with the life steal whirlwind rune and dual-wielding for extra fury. I have the 5 piece IK set to increase my fury regen, too.
Dual wielding is for throw and WW in my opinion. I also like the 2h rend build but that is what I use for hardcore.
I am WW... so I should dual-wield?
I guess skorn works fine but the attack speed might be better for WW. Skorn seems to be pretty good for Rend, but on a WW build you can actually use rend faster with faster weapons.
Appreciate it... I guess what I'm trying to ask is, is it worth it to spend the 15 million to upgrade to dual-wielding? Like will I be able to hop up a monster power level or two because of it?
15mil for 2 weapon which makes 7.5m each. So, it is hard to find 2 weap that will equally match your skorn.

You should not do WW with Skorn since it may have mitigation issue. The 'WW' I mention is using RLTW and Hurricane as its rune.

Alright, thanks... I might buy a bit more gold from the RMAH if I need to, but I am gonna make the switch to dual-wield.

What kind of stats should I be looking for on both, to make sure that I'm improving my DPS from my Skorn?


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