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so Ive been playing pretty much only wizard on HC(but got a barb and monk 60 on sc too) and while farming elite on inferno act3 alone and also with my brother's wd and honestly I felt like a 3rd wheel even when we have similar gear(obviously my profile currently show my mf gear; i hover around 30k dps in act3 with 700+ all res and he has about 35k dps and 300 all res).

When he solo act3 elite; he doesn't have to kite around for 5min(exaggeration) and run around like a headless chicken because the pet can take tank those elite/do ridiculous dmg with enrage and he only has to basically stand still a few yard away and do damage unlike my wizard that get all the aggro from the elite when soloing and has to run away.

so my question to fellow wizard is; doesn't the WD class feel like a better wizard when seeing one in action?One would say Its similar to the necro vs sorc in Diablo2 but d2 sorc was pretty strong.

p.s I dont intend to change class
/end rant.
You'll be fine when you get better gear, wizards are better than Witch Doctors in almost every way.
11/19/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Geesu
You'll be fine when you get better gear, wizards are better than Witch Doctors in almost every way.

In HC? Why do you believe this?
Well yeah, good point, if you're in the stage where in MP0 or 1 you're scared of dying all the time, WD>all from pets and cheat death passive I suppose, but the pure aoe clear speed and kite presence goes to wizard IMO once damage items roll in. But he was talking about feeling like a 3rd wheel in a group setting, and I certainly think WDs shine more at solo, and wizards tear up group play
WD's are the best in HC, they shine in solo b/c their pets take all the aggro, and they shine in group b/c their pets take all the aggro...either way, they spend less time kiting and more time killing. And if pets screw up/die, the WD just SW/SV away...
I have had fights w/ elites on my wiz that were 5 minutes long w/out exaggeration (although that was prepatch). There were some where it felt like 10. (Sometimes you get into spots against certain fast packs, if you're using the blizzard/hydra build, where almost all your dps is coming from blizzard, and blizzard dps is not that great - so you might be basically guaranteed to win if you can keep moving and reduce getting hit - the pack can't kill you - but it's going to take forever and a day to kill the pack)

Better's subjective. Looking at different criteria will give you different answers. I like playing wiz more than WD - but I also recognize that WD is a better class for farming. So I play wiz to play and play WD to farm. It's not like I don't have fun on my WD - it's still fun, I just like wiz a bit better.
From a WD's point of view:

I think until very high gear levels WD will be much better soloing than Wizard until a certain DPS point (not sure where). After that DPS point is reach the Wizard will begin to become more efficient than the WD (not sure about safety though).

In a well coordinated group though, they brign different aspects. Most Wizard specs and players will bring better CC tot he fight than a WD (assuming same DPS) while a WD will bring better group buffs. However, in something like an UBRS run the tanking ability of the pets (I believe) would become obsolete for most group (I could be wrong).

Note: Clarify above, I believe the Garg would still have value, but the dogs not so much, I have a feeling when focusing on pet tank style;e as much as I do that my dogs (2k LPS, 10k Thorns returning 500 life per hit) could have tanked one of those bosses on mp4+
wizards are a lot better in softcore, wd's are obviously better in hardcore
Become a freeze wiz and never run in fear again!!

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