What am I missing?

Ive been a sword and board tanky barb for awhile now. It has gotten slightly boring and ive been thinking about making a whirlybarb.

Now I'm not rich by any means but ive managed to get a decent mainhand, and a pretty well suited offhand legendary with loh and such. My gear isnt the best ever, but neither is it terrible.

Still, I thought my gear would be good enough to at least use the build even if it is slower than it could be with better gear. But sadly that isnt the case, and the build baffles me in a number of ways.

1) How do you generate the fury needed to start WW without being murdered? It seems like theres a real weak point here when the barb has no fury and has to resort to poking things one hit at a time to build it up. In the meantime your LS/LOH isnt anything close to enough to keep you alive. I end up dying either during this period or shortly thereafter when i start whirling at 10% health.

2) What amount of damage am I supposed to be dealing to stay alive during the whirl? I though that 6% LS + some LoH might be enough (Im only play MP2) but I just get aced instantly. I look at some much better geared whirlybarb profiles, but they still have about that much LS.

Advice would be appreciated.
WW is fun, but I personally enjoy Throw barb more. Take a look at my build. I got my spear for 100k and it's great!. With rend and the rune on ancient spear I survive a lot more. Plus I find it easier to keep WOTB ToC up longer with throw barb.
you can do both throw + WW

<------- me
OP, you should really use an axe/mace for mainhand + weapon mastery passive for the 10% extra CC, that's a big part of the dps + fury regen (as you crit more often), Even you do that, your build might still have problem with fury regen as you still need a decent amount of increased attack speed given your CC from gear is only at 28%. Aim for using axe/mace mainhand, then get somewhere around 30-35% increased attack speed, depending on whether you can get more CC or not, 30% cc is a good number, getting anything higher with also the ias is going to cost some big money
You need an axe/mace or mighty weapon for mainhand because you have low crit. For whirlwind spears are pretty bad in general for main or offhand.

Also try bash instigation instead of frenzy. Hold your warcry until you see enemies. Pop war cry, bash once, pop battle shout into the fray. Bash once more, hit sprint and start circling enemies until your rage starts going up. Frenzy is terrible for fury gen until you get way more advanced.

On top of that your resists are low and you shouldn't be doing mp2 unless you are key farming and that's the highest you can do. Drop to mp1 or even act 3 mp0.

edit_ sorry after double checking I see you are using killing spree instead of war cry. IMO you don't have the survivability for that and I also think you could use the fury gen from war cry.
Except that he is dying before he can get the fury. Yes loh will help but I think he's better off giving bash a chance until he gets the hang of it. As it stands he needs to hit 7 times to even get battle rage up, compared to two with bash. If he switches to war cry it could still take up to 8 hits with frenzy where it would take a max of two with instigation to start sprinting.

Garths advice is all good but I still think you should try bash instigation until you get the playstyle down, then maybe think about going back to frenzy.
Thanks for the helpful advice.

Probably the best was to try a lower MP. That really did the trick and I can actually use the build now without consistently dying.

And yeah the 10% crit from axe is an obvious one.

I think I have it down now. My only real problem is fury starving occasionally in the middle of a pack. I guess my gear puts me in a position where my crits arent getting me enough fury sometimes. I imagine that problem will disappear as i get better gear.
Bash.. run low on fury in pack? Swing once, resume sprinting ..
11/19/2012 07:02 PMPosted by MattGL
Bash.. run low on fury in pack? Swing once, resume sprinting ..

Ill try it out.

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