How to boost DPS without loosing EHP?

Demon Hunter
Hi I was wondering if a veteran demon hunter could take a look at my female hunter and give me some tips on how to raise my DPS without loosing my survivability. Right now I can do monster power five and I rarely need to use Gloom except for the toughest of the elite packs. I know my main problem is that I need to get a weapon with an open socket so i can boost my CD more, but I don't want to switch to a Crossbow because I like the attack speed that bows have.
Socket Windforce and more dex on boots
Increasing DPS without lowering eHP will always be expensive. For you, the cheapest upgrade I can think of will be:
1 Pants with higher DEX/VIT and 70+ AR
2 Vile Ward with 200+dex with vit
3 Bloody footprints with higher dex
4 Socket Weapon + 100%cd Gem
@Ragnarok would you suggest I change one of my gems in my pants to an ameth? My dps calculator says i will lose 2k damage but gain 3.4k life
Thanks guys I'll start with the boots.
Sorry to barge in your thread, Ivalican, but currently im facing the same issue.

Would be grateful for any tips on how to spend smartly on any upgrades on dps w/o loss of EHP
Looks like you guys could add Armor and %Life on Strongarm Bracers with no downside (other than cost), and then you could give up armor/life on something else.

I have 21% reduced damage from elites, which I think may be an underrated (and thus underpriced) way to increase EHP. Not sure EHP-vs-non-elites matters.
I haven't done the math but I think 7% reduced from elites could replace a couple Armor or AR slots which you could then use for dex or ias or something.

Make sure your quiver has 19-20% attack speed, that's "free" (in terms of affix slots, not gold).
Quiver can also have %Life in addition to Vitality which may free up a slot elsewhere.

Moving more DPS over to Dex instead of other affixes improves your dodge, which does help EHP in practice though in a "lumpy" unreliable way a lot of people don't like. It's more reliable if you can take a fair number of hits since it then averages out that you'll usually dodge some hits. If you can be one or two shot, dodge sucks a lot more.

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