wizard weapon questions

Hey im new to diablo 3, im on my first character, a wizard, level 40 atm, im in act 2 nightmare. I am using a 1 handed wand and a source right now. I often find one handed swords and such that do more dps and am not sure if as a wizard a wand is any better then a 1 handed sword or what. Do i just find the weapon with the most dps on it or what?
Weapon type is meaningless for the most part. In general, higher dps weapon is better. There's a bit more to it but that's the basics.
Use the highest DPS weapon with socket and bonus experience you can find. Put the best purple gem you have on it for the Life on Hit bonus.

You don't need to worry about arcane power on crit until you hit level 60.
just look for max damage until you get to inferno, then you might want to look for life steal and life on hit but forget about that now

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