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I think adding some kind of challenge tower would be awsome 100 floors of pure elite madness with maybe some uber bosses every so many floors i think this would be fun as hell what do you guys think ?
This is not Nyzul Isle from FFXI. No.
11/19/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Arcto
This is not Nyzul Isle from FFXI. No.

I love you.

Consequently I loved Nyzul too...got my Peacock Amulet there :D
Point is farming the same act over and over and over can get boring to some people something like this would apply more groups playing together maybe and it would be more of a challenge to try to get to the top floor for that boss kill or something lol

Endless Dungeon.

It's been suggested many times, and it likely won't happen. At least not with a simple patch.
endless dungeon/waves increasing in density and difficulty

kind of like zombies in CoD its a pretty addictive coop game
Thats why there are 4 Acts. Act 1, is floor 1-25. Skeleton King is by the Cafeteria on LVL 5. You beat the Cemetery of Forsaken, thats Floor 4. Then Act 2 is 26-50 and so on and so on and so on. You're an idiot.
Im a idiot for sharing a idea lol that makes no sense anyways with your 400 elite kills gtfo
I don't know about 100 floors... but, they should definately have something like this in act 4. Some corrupted tower of heaven or w/e that is actually randomized to the point of actually having to be explored...

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