Butchers Sickle on CM

Anyone tried to use this on a CM Wiz? Has some interesting properties.

1k+ DPS
+Life steal
Crit damage


A Proc that would be perfect for a CM/Freeze...Chance to Drag Enemies to you when attacking.

The only problem seems to be the 1.30 base attack speed but If I have 2rings , gloves, bracer, ammy, source, and Inna's Pants all with attack speed I should be able to get it where it needs to be right? Or if not, would the build not work? What if you use Stretch time with it?

Just looked at it and was thinking as I am trying to figure out how to get a good balance of DPS and survival.
1.3 base attack speed is waaaaayyyyyy too slow. you would need to massively stack attack speed and still be at a crappy APS.
^This, at 80% IAS and enchantress I still wouldn't be anywhere close to the 2.501 breakpoint, which should be considered minimum.
I just checked and there are Butchers Sickle with 11% Attack speed. Would have to Sacrifice 150 Intelligence but it would bring the weapon up to 1.44 attack speed instead of 1.30. Would that get you past the minimum?

That is with 52 base crit damage and a socket. You guys think it would be possible to sustain a freeze with that?

Just trying to think outside the box a bit. If the attack speed is passed the 2.50 mark it seems like it might be an effective weapon as long as you have to right amount of crit chance.
I played with it. Hardly ever procs and pretty gimmicky. Decent budget archon weapon though. I really don't understand using anything but chants set as cm. It's just too good ias wise, int wise, mitigation wise. Oh and APOC which daggers and sickles can never have.
^At least Dagger can reach 1.65, so it's possible to reach 2.74 overall. But Sickle is not a weapon for CM, too slow.
Gotcha, thanks guys.
11/17/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Aimless
I really don't understand using anything but chants set as cm


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