Need advice from Pro CM/WW wizs


u know ls wand drops him under 3 breakpoint right? no of course not. ur clueless

lol? he wouldn't be under 3asps if he had an andariels on.
also, i can solo mp10 and my gear cost me under 20mil, so yeah my "1.0.3" spec is really terrible. try again.

u want another 20m?

add me we roll mp 10 a4 start to finish. do it I pay u 20m u die 5x u pay me 20m.

last fool i bet this with died 5x on first pack. I'll be recording OFC.

Oh and ur wrong cuz ias wand is like wearing two ias items on ur body so he needs inna pants too in order to go with ur LS suggestion.
man that's free money...
You've done a great job so far. Really, all you need to do is continue what you've done up to this point. Each time you upgrade a piece of gear, try to increase the important stuff each time: CC/AS (if needed, or just keep what you have if you've reached the break point you're shooting for)/armor/AR/Vit.

The problem CM/WW wizards face is you really have to concentrate on defensive stats. That doesn't leave you much in the way of offensive options. So concentrate on the tank before you go for the dps.

Staying on that line of thinking for a minute (limited offensive options), I have to disagree with the idea of getting a Chant's wand with Life Steal. Life steal is great for guys that are running very high dps builds (like Archon), but falls very short for CM/WW guys. We do very rapid ticks of relatively small amounts of damage.

Since LS is based on a percentage of those low damage attacks, you'll get a much better life return using LoH than Life Steal. Since one of our few viable offensive, dps increasing gear slots is the wand, IMO you're much better off going with a socketed, 1.65 attacks per second (and this is a MUST. Don't get anything other than 1.65 aps) wand is better than going with LS. Throwing in a gem for 100% increased crit damage in your wand is huuuuuuge for your total dps.

Luckily, one of our defensive stats that we try and max (critical chance) does synergize well with this particular offensive skill (crit damage), so as you upgrade your gear choices, try to increase your CC and CD at the same time. You'll see your dps rise dramatically as you do.

So I'd recommend:

1. Get a socketed, 1.65 aps chant's wand. This is going to up your dps a lot.

2. Continue to upgrade your gear slots, keeping the same strategy that you've done so far.

Really, you've done a fantastic job with your wizzy so far, just keep doing what you've been doing so far.

Edit: one other thought... Replacing your speedy chant's wand with a socketed one is going to drop you one APS breakpoint. That might make your 17 apoc a bit short. You'll also want to upgrade your chant's source to one with 10 apoc when you can. If the slower breakpoint leaves you starved for AP, you might consider temporarily replacing your helm with a CC Storm Crow for the added APoC. Storm Crow really isn't a *bad* helm; the apoc/LoH is pretty nice, really, and is a good mid-game helm. A nice rare helm with int/ar/armor/cc/apoc would be good, too. You might also consider a low "extra fire damage taken" Andy's as a temporary solution, too, but you'll want to make sure you have plenty of armor/ar/vit if you do.

Another Edit: I see you're using Wormhole. That's a great skill for speeding through levels, but not really the best choice when you're not at end game gear level. Give either Safe Passage or Fracture a run. Safe Passage is great for helping to mitigate Reflects Damage, Arcane, Molten, Plague, Electric, while Fracture is fantastic against ranged mobs. Both will up your survivability like you can't believe; it's like free armor/AR, really. Just making that one change will see you dying a lot less. Spam Safe Passage every time it comes off of cool down, and spam Fracture when you see your duplicates disappear.
I agree that its more his skills than anything right now. Although the Ar/vit is lacking he is definitely good for the cc/ias side of it for the most part unless he comes into a consdierable amount of gold. And I agree not to bother with the LS wand just get some LOH (I do fine with 700 myself)
at op yeah uve done a really good job of gearing so far, like philer said in order to increase dps u need to get crit dmg
if u choose to get a an andys helm i would suggest pairing it with a litany of the undaunted ring.
I've done this and ive found that the litany ring negates the fire dmg effect from the andys helm
also 1.65 open socket chants wands are usually expensive as !@#$, boozer was selling one at a reasonable rate yesterday tho, or get a 1.65 chants wand with over 90 crit dmg, (this is usually way cheaper than an open socket wand)
"I don't always give advice, but when I do, its misleading"

Love his mp10 remark as well.


Your on the right track honestly.
Your helm is not doing you any favors though, same with your source.
Your pants definately need a boost in terms of just raw stats, more INT more VIT.
You got decent viles for your gear set, your chest is decent and so is your jewellery.

I'd focus on a CC Storm crow, and increase your HP with a better set of pants with higher VIT rolls. Your DPS will skyrocket after you adjust your chant's set a bit with some better items, so you don't have to worry about DPS for now.

Andy's has its uses, but honestly, every time i get one dropped in game, I don't even know what i'm hoping to roll on it....
ol? he wouldn't be under 3asps if he had an andariels on.
also, i can solo mp10 and my gear cost me under 20mil, so yeah my "1.0.3" spec is really terrible. try again.

You realize the players you are talking with (aimless) are the pioneers of CM/WW builds? You should listen to their advice^^

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