Demon Hunter
Calamity and spite?
danetta set?

what you think wich one is better?

Cala and spite set i can get easily crit dmg on both + socket but cala cant have dex if i want life steal and socket+crit dmg on it and spite cant have life steal if it has socket and crit dmg.

so is the set bonus + high dex from revenge good over more crit dmg and att speed from cala
I use the set but i give up 15k dps for it
So you think the set bonus covers the loss on dps?
It's about the same, depends on the deal you get for a calamity or a danetta's revenge. Calamity has a bonus to IAS, and Danetta's set give you + dex. They are pretty much the same. The difference is life on hit with Danetta's revenge, and Calamity gives 4 sec marked for death when it procs.

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