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Hi all,

For those who can't seem to win the bids, I was once the very same situation until now. Did you know if you place a bid, you get the remainder bid back? See this video for what I am talking about. Ok, I couldn't find the video so I'll explain.

1. If the bid is 100k, and the max bid you put (the next bid) is 105k. Ok, if you win you pay 105k.

2. So when the bid is coming to the end and just say you have 200k, the current bid is at 105k. This means you can place all your money in the bid and if you win, you get 95k back.

3. Above is the situation where you have money to bid, so what I use to do is bid up the price with 1up every time which constantly tells me the bid is not high enough. I simply didn't know I can get the remainder back, so now I am winning a lot more.

Thanks and enjoy shopping.
Proxy bidding
Just want to say something here, as I said you can bid and get the return of the remainder HOWEVER yesterday I won on a Zumi Chest but I had to pay a large sum. The reason is because I set the bid with all my money, and while that was set people were bidding up the price so the method I mention is not always going your way. I had to pay 3m for the chest when it should've been 1.5m since the last minute bid by me was at 1m....

So if you dont want to end up like me, try to bid wisely but at the same time use what I recommended.
How is it that people are just finding out how this whole thing works..

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