Contribute 1 tip for staying alive in HC

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Disable the auto answer in the Skype options
Play 2 chars and keep them at about the same level, they can share loot and this will make the death of one a little bit less of a loss. It's demotivating to get up to hell and then loose a character and have to start over on ez-mode normal.
Take your time.

Hi. First post on the forum.
Started an hc monk not so long ago, after playing sc with friends (yawn).

My advice would have been to go read the hc guide that Veneteaou wrote for D2, since much that is said there can be applied now. Unfortunately, I could not find it anymore on the D2 forum :/ Might try to dig in my archives, find it and post it.


If you think you're lagging, pause immediately
Most important tip I came up with:

Take full advantage of that awesome economy and rejoice knowing you're not playing w/ a bunch of we-todds.
Don't go charging into groups, get them to come to you. And use a good shield.
Learn how to kite.
serenity is only used to get rid of battle

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