Bad Data :) Act 3 Inferno

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I have a bug since 2-3 days on PC-Diablo version. When i am enterring the barracks @ ACT III there are some monsters in, where the "Bad Data :)" Symbol is placed. Wouldn't be that much trouble if they werent like 20 mobs at one place or some rare mobs. Luckily i can click on them and see the name which is "Tormented Stinger".

Google + Forum search didn't answer anything so does anybody know how to fix it?

Btw: i didnt have that error at my MAC-Version but maybe because i never found a monster with that name.

Cheers Havrin

Sounds like file corruption in your game installation. You may need to do a reinstall to get it resolved, but first try deleting the cache folder as described in this article and see if it helps.
Thank you for the advice. Empty the cache didn't help but the reinstall did.

I hope, that the bad data sign won't come again ;)

Cheers Havrin

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