permafreeze tank wiz carrying mp8 needs DPSer

Demon Hunter
I am full tank/support perma freeze cm wiz. I carry mp8 ubers with 2 high dps and 1 carried who supplies 3 portals and is not expected to contribute. I always need extra people with high dps who want to help carry. DPS should be comparable to that of a 200k unbuffed dps DH

Request me in game. please say "high dps" in the message so i can distinguish you from regular carry requests
1. You can't carry yourself in MP8

2. You ask someone to carry you for free

3. You offer carrying service for 3 machines at MP8

4. At 1st I thought you were trolling but with your recent bumps I decided to help your trash service to be seen even more
i dont think you realize how much a good cm wizard (who doesnt die to leoric!) helps a group. DHs a thousand times better than you have requested me and continue to ask me to help them with their own carries. The perma freeze synergizes so well with spike traps.
Add me. I'm always up for high MP ubers. 190k unbuffed with legacy nats. I have a team of 2-3 DH with 200k+ dps running mp8-9 with a good cm wiz.

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