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Demon Hunter
Thank you in advance for your input.

Looking for next item to upgrade for dps bump. I have different ring w Cc/CD/dex that gives me large paper dps boost but doesn't work much better than SOJ (w cold dam, EF dam boost).

I have plenty DISC without using NS for my play style. Basically, I spam CB:LoB. I use EF:CF for trash mobs and for hate generation with bat. Windforce works out OK for faster hate generation and seems to benefit from Inna belt and SOJ elemental dam boost.

I am currently looking at glove w dex/CC/CD. Do you think this best next upgrade?
yes, gloves would be your next biggest upgrade. After that you could probably go for 300+ dex Deadman's with 20% attack speed, better version of your boots/chest, and then a 200+ dex vile wards. It is up to you whether you are willing to sacrifice the disc for these pieces since ones with it will be incredibly expensive.
dont buy things liek nat helms w/out crit.. u need crit chance every where u can, dont skimp out man. and a good bow can make all the dif. (keep in mind that the white dmg numbers on the bow are what most skills go by) .. the best method is to get a slow, powerful xbow, and speed it up with attack speed elsewhere. ... (manticores are good, but unless godly, dont bother)
Great advices both.


If I forgo Windforce (instead of upgrading to better Windforce) for rare X-bow (think Godly manti will be too expensive in my life time), do u think I can achieve decent attack speed by adding few IAS items? Don't want to overhaul entire gear. Need high attack speed for hate regen for CA:LoB.
Replace your ring with the one Im wearing on my right (Your left)
DML get one with above 300 Dex and at least 15 IAS (preferably with Vit)
Honestly u don;t need the Nats helm, a cheap but good "upgrade" would be an andys. if yu have the gold a good Memph. I personally think the 4 pc Nats buff is overated ( but thats just me coz I work fine without it) .

Upgrade the gloves, look for something with CHD + CHC

Hope this helps

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