Double Hammer Build for Ubers

Hello everyone, just a quick share of my uber build

Weapon Throw (Throwing Hammer) - 50% Stun allows you to stun lock a boss, with no escape passive it resets your wotb timer real quick.

HoTA (Smash) - Once you have full fury generated from weapon throw you can start spamming, switch back to throwing hammer when your fury is low.

War Cry (Impunity) - Since we're not taking any defensive passive, it's not so bad to have this.

Battle Rage (Into the frey) - Extra damage and fury generation. With no escape passive one throwing hammer crit grants you 29 fury gauranteed.

Rend (Bloodlust) - Throw in bloodlust once in 5 secs keeps your health globe refilled.

WoTB (Thrive on Chaos) - Uptime maintained by throwing hammer.


No Escape
Weapon Master

Ok that's it it's pretty easy to get used to. I used to run this build without any -fury cost to weapon throw and had slight problem getting started. I then bought myself an IK belt with -5 fury cost and everything became easy. I'm not very sure about the sweetspot for -fury, but according to Acrimony, a -2 fury cost to weapon throw is the best, you can refer to his weapon throw, rend and ww thread for more information.

Thanks for reading
You can even throw hammers at melee range. It's main purpose is to stun lock and for quick fury generation.

This build makes Kulle SB fight much easier.
How do you generate fury to get started?
11/19/2012 09:12 PMPosted by jeanxxx82
How do you generate fury to get started?

Let ubers hit you.
War Cry + No Escape + taking damage

Or if you play in a party ask your friend to enter the portal while you keep your fury up from mobs somewhere else.

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