trifecta hellfire ring

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Great ring grats.
thanks too all =)) hope u all roll ur HF at best =)
11/17/2012 08:01 AMPosted by Koric

WOW And a high AVG DMG roll to
this is what ALL the hellfire rings should look like. Of course it should be more difficult to get the keys then.

So far. Hellfire rings = useless item. Sadly.
congratulations, you've won diablo3. now step outside for a while and stop being a giant nerd.
11/17/2012 05:44 AMPosted by Selene
well it was on my 30th roll.. =))

Man I was happy getting 80 AR on my first one. With Thorns and Poison Resist. Grats on a sweet roll.
Damn... Mine is a really decent defense ring but those offense ones... Damn haha
11/17/2012 05:12 AMPosted by Selene
anyone else lucky to craft as good as my hf ring?? =))
The satisfaction of rolling a trifecta hellfire wasn't enough so he decided to gloat on forums lol. What a douche bag.
<-- jell

Well I guess it's time for you to quit. You've already completed the main objective.
woooooooooow what an amazing roll! jelly
I used to have someone in my list who had a DEX trifecta ring. I un-friended him 'cause he's not playing anymore because of the despair he felt that Barbarians are stronger than the Demon Hunter.

But thank you for posting this, had to look for one in Search just to make my point about Ubers ;)
974 rings and counting.

Only 1 "decent" ring.

+292dex 6%cc 49cd and armor.

Best ring i have seen rolled (was in game when happened, and he rolled STR instead of Int.

was laughing so hard on mumble when he started swearing he rolled a Str by mistake. So he rolled a barb!
Nice HF ring!

I have a nice one trifecta HF on my Barb.

I also hate you. Not likely I'll ever craft one 1/2 that good, as I refuse to run that monotonous crap ad infinitum for such a low chance at a ring that's only marginally better than the ones I use already.

Still, grats! :)
The one on my barb is pretty nice i think?

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