Disconnects and losing NV ><!

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What retard thought you should lose all your NV when you disconnect from a game?
I'm disconnecting like crazy tonight and i lose all my neph valor every time its extremely annoying!

I cant think of any benefit that people could abuse by saving the current state of a game when you disconnect...
I'm going to like this thread and hope it gets a lot of attention, even though you're kind of a crybaby. Losing your NV is nothing compared to losing a HC character because of disconnect (something I had to experience too many times).

Like you said, the game should keep you paused at your current state and give you 10 minutes to log back on and resume from that spot, if you disconnect. However, it would force you back there so that HC players can't cheat death by disconnecting themselves.

Unfortunately, the developers basically forgot that Hardcore exists, and they like fixing more trivial things that aren't a big deal. So maybe this will get attention, because gods know the one million plus HC disconnect death threads haven't seen !@#$ from them.
disconnected from a game and when u resume, you dont loose your NV stacks

disconnected from Diablo 3 (Blizz server) you loose everything
i think NV is about the dumbest thing ever, anyway.
11/19/2012 03:41 AMPosted by Bottle
gods know the one million plus HC disconnect death threads haven't seen !@#$ from them.

they usually get deleted, and quickly...CM and Bliz doesnt like to hear about their servers being bad. The used WoW servers are supposed to be their best that they can give, and they dont want to fork out money to get 'new' servers like Starcraft and WoW get everytime a new expac rolls out.
Play in windowed full screen, helps with disconnects.
Play with a group.

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