No Escape Dread Bomb bug: no 10% damage bonus

Bug Report
I´ve researched the game mechanics of Weapon Throw and its modifiers No Escape and The Three Hundreth Spear.

While testing, I found out that Dread Bomb damage (formula = 1.3 + ((Fury - actual Weapon Throw fury cost) * 3/100))) doesn´t benefit from the No Escape passive +10% damage bonus. This bonus only applies to the other Weapon Throw runes.

1. Is this a bug or is No Escape not supposed to boost Dread Bomb damage intentionally?

2. On a related note, why is the No Escape damage bonus treated in a different way than all the other skill bonus modifiers like Swords Weapons Master, Berserker Rage, Brawler, Battle Rage, Insanity, Maniac stacks and Punish stacks?

All of the mentioned skills except No Escape are in the same multiplier cathegory in the damage formula. Their bonuses are added up and the sum is then applied as one multiplier while No Escape is a separate 10% multiplier.

Is this intended as well?
I managed to find this post by searching for this very bug I just encountered. I threw a corpse into a party of skeletons and landed 6 crits. I still had 0 fury afterwards. I also use harpoon in my build so it seemed like a perfect combination, but this definitely must be a bug of some sort.

The only reasonable idea for this to not be a bug might be the idea that people with high crit would be able to spam dread bomb. Unfortunately bliz fails to realize this is already being done on the other rune- and more effectively.

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