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Hey guys,
Just after some advise on what skills to use for my wizard.

Also, how does LOH work with spells that are constantly hitting the target? Should i be using life steal instead?

Finally, if anyone has any hand-me-downs it would be much appreciated as my DPS is pretty damn low (40k mark)

Profile hasnt updated properly.
APS = 2.09
CC = think it jus dropped to 27 or 28
CD = around 200 i think
Resist are about 500-600
Thanks :)
The Wizard forums are really helpful compared to some of the other class forums. We all worked together last week and got a STICKY post up for newer players and older players looking to try other builds.

Awesome :) ill check it out. Didnt try anything there bc ive tried other class forums and got no results. And i knw the aussie guys are helpful.
But thanks, ill def check it out
Hey, I think I might have some stuff in my stash that you can use.
Let me know when you're on...
Thanks tifa :) ill be on tonight at some point. Dont have soccer til 10.20 so i can get a couple hrs of demon slaying in :p
Been looking for something like for my wiz.

@aphraell Any idea if this thread is still applicable for wiz gear advice? I don't think i saw a part for gear advice in your thread

Yea the advice given in the above thread is very useful for those on a budget. I've seen a few newer ones in the wiz forums lately though.

Wouldnt hurt to have a look at both.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7178978511 -1mill budget build.
I have some gear that you can have if you like as well. Feel free to add me and you can have a look.
11/21/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Kaph
I have some gear that you can have if you like as well. Feel free to add me and you can have a look.

Thanks kaph :) ill add you tonight and hopefully see you on

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