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Some of the players that were recently banned, got kicked off for increasing their field of view...this got me thinking about the ranged classes.

If they give the melee classes a 30% dmg reduction, why not give the ranged classes an increased field of view. It might not be a beneficial in a multi-player game, but it might help in the single player games.

If they want DH and wizards to be ranged...maybe they should give them something that aids that ability.

Just a thought.
I don't see how field of view equates to damage reduction, but it would get really weird really fast. For those who don't have it, the game would either swarm you with mobs from several screens away or, nothing would attack since you were firing at them outside the aggro range. To be honest though, I wouldn't mind a zoomed out view, maybe 10% or something small. I get tired of being rammed by charging bulls.
I was just thinking about something small...give maybe a slight vantage before running into a mob...allow the player to use some different tactics.

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