Which piece should I improve for 1-2mil?

Hey fellow barbs. I was wondering which piece do you think I could improve (on my barb) the most for about 1-2mil. And what stats should I look for on that piece?

With self buffs (impunity and marauder's rage) I have:
50.5% crit chance
+394% crit chance
33.5k health
105k dps
566+ resist all

Wow 1-2M budget is tight especially for your character. You could get a Skull Grasp ring with STR and VIT for half a millon. The reason for that change is because your armor is only 5000. So you would get more STR (Neither of your rings have over 100) and you would get VIT. The other affixes are extra armor, attack speed and LoH. The STR and the armor would add to your base armor and with VIT you'd keep or slightly improve your current HP.

What you should really do is save up though.
Ok thanks, I only have about 21m and I'm trying not too spend too significant a portion of that on just one piece.

With a greater budget, what piece could be better improved?

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