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Witch Doctor
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Not an expert at this, but I would like some info for myself so I will have a go with you :)

Here are my first impressions of your gear and your build:
1. You have a RoT and Acid Cloud build, but only 390 LoH. These two skills are often used because they proc LoH more than most other skills. I would suggest upgrading your amulet to one with a lot of LoH, crit chance and crit dam.
2. You have +50% life but fairly low vit. Life% becomes more and more useful the more vit you have. If I were you I would exchange some %life for more vit, which would increase your EHP much more.
3. Because of this you may want to exchange the ice climbers for zuni boots and get the 4th set piece bonus, I know I really enjoy it.
4. Your int is really great, to increase your damage any higher (if you want to) add CC/CD to your items.

Next upgrade: Either Zuni Boots, or Gloves w/ high int, vit, cc, and cd.

That's my opinion, I welcome yours :)
@ bacon
Possibly some decent EHP Lacunis, or a ring with CC and CD to replace the Oculus. WD FTW!!

I really like your build, looks like you have got the zero cool down on your dogs and you do all of your damage with sacrifice. I am curious, do you really see that much of a difference in damage with all that attack speed? Do the animations become fast enough that it makes a huge difference? Not criticizing, just genuinely interested.
@ HarryPig, Vile Ward? That would be my guess.
@ Harry and Lagerfueled. gems.

Maybe a set of high int, with vit strong arm bracers.

You'd lose 1.5% crit chance, but gain a lot of armor over your current ones.
@ DonBukka

Either CD on your weapon, or getting 5+ CC on Pox. Both would be pretty major dps upgrades.

Edit: CD to weapon is a bigger bang for your buck, every 10 CD your dps will increase 1911 dps, and every 1% CC your dps will increase 2063. With 100 potential Cd on weapon that could be a 19k dps increase if you can maintain the same stats that are on the weapon you have.
Gorim I would get a pair of Lacuni's... you don't know what your missing out on with the 24% movement speed!! I think it's even more vital for a WD to have 24% movement speed because we tend to move around alot in battle.


-Your chest armor

a better vile ward or zuni vision
Zuni vision or pox w/ CC.

Love your hellfire ring.

Possibly blackthorns with 2 sockets instead of one.

lose the cain's set. start with the gloves. pretty inexpensive.
lol whoops was farming xp >.< thats not my main gear
better vile wards one with vita

get a boots/inna pant's/ lacuni.

an increase in movement speed would aid your farming greatly.
Thanks for all your opinions guys
Thanks Xonique, I'm actually saving for a Zuni's chest... just need a decent drop to sell for a few mil and i'm done :)

Maybe a set of high int, with vit strong arm bracers.

You'd lose 1.5% crit chance, but gain a lot of armor over your current ones.

ty for the suggestion. Coincidentally I went and did just that earlier today. Int went up slightly, lost mayne 500 hp because of lack of 9% Life, BUT I gained the 1.5 you thought I'd lose :) Up from 4.5. I did lose about 200 armor, but overall gained over 5k dps.

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