Name next upgrade for WD above you

Witch Doctor
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once i can drop another 40% MF, it's first on the list )

Maybe mana dump skill needed
i was skipped :(

i use bears, for mp6-7
build you see atm, i was just messing around

I think you can upgrade your Hellfire Ring or the Zuni Helm with better Int and Vit
god zip it dex. i got skipped again. :(
@ VNzzbiszz

WOW you have the sickest mainhand, bro! Did you find that? Must of cost a FORTUNE if not!

I'd say the first piece you need to upgrade is your inna's pants... I'd either completely get rid of them in favor for Blackthorne's... or AT LEAST get one's with:

90 int
70/70 int/vita
150+ vita

(IMO you should be going for the vita... your HP is pretty weak atm)

Definitely your weakest slot atm.

Other then that, I'd say you could get all res on your zuni boots. They are somewhat affordable now for 45-50 res and decent Int/Vita
New Gloves would probably be your next upgrade.

LOL sorry for skipping you again, it wasn't intentional, I promise!!!!

I'd say your lacuni's are your weakest slot... everything else pretty much looks BiS to me.

Lacuni's could get a lot higher int + crit, or maybe even some all res with it since you clearly can afford it.

After that I'd say your witching hour. Either get armor / res / more vita.

Your pants, zuni pox, and zuni boots are all in deperate need of upgrading.

I'd say the pox should be your #1 priority... losing a TON of dps by even having that equipped.... I'd even say you should be replacing it with something else until you can afford a crit chance pox.


it's going to be incredibly expensive to upgrade my gloves... in the 150+ mill range... IMO I need to upgrade my pox before them. I'm trying to stay away from much IAS on my gear, so I can't exactly just buy a cheap trifecta and be happy with my DPS.

Right now I have 52% crit chance and 450% crit damage... and I don't really want to sacrifice any crit or vita on my glove slot.
@PR4Y good solid gear man id prolly upgrade for a higher vile ward maybe with vit
Wow, you guys are sick!

I've always been playing as an almost 100% natural WD trying to drop all my stuff and not use the AH, so I never spent more than like 200k per item when I do.

But when I look at your all your profiles.. geez, maybe I should start spending for xmas!
@bighimmy57 I would think the Zuni vision. Low vit roll, good int roll, no mana regen and no crit. I would personally think crit chance or mana regen would be more useful than all resist for the random roll.

Sick skorn! I would guess that skorn is worth more than everything else you have combined times 2. I would think the best quick upgrade for you would be zuni trail. With a high dps Skorn (black damage as always for Skorn) those boots would do wonders for your dps.
maybe your belt blackjack, havent checked witching prices though in like a month

Nice gear! you dont really have any "needed" upgrades as im sure you breeze through most. Next upgrade would definietly be costly. Maybe gain some life on hit with same stat legs and lose the 1% crit chance

I would probably change Manajuma's with Open socket for the extra 100%. Your ToTD have low damage but the stats are good. I'm not a big fan othe the Tal Rasha Brace. GL :)
@ Nazrah:

I think you could get a better Thing of the Deep very easily and at minimal cost. Your average damage is very high for that item, but you could get higher intel and max CC (8.5% for TotD) for a very reasonable price.
@ EddardStark....ur perfect! Well done, im jello
@ Palms:

Thank you for the kind words. I really want to max out my CC, but I can't afford the 500mil+ for a Zuni ring, Zuni Helm, or Lacuni's with the same high stats I have now but with 1.5% more CC. Something to keep working for, though : ).

Hmm.. almost every slot of your gear is better than mine. The only slot that seems to be on a slightly lower level than the rest would be the zuni's boots, though I haven't checked the values on the AH in awhile, but it could have AR, no?

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