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Witch Doctor
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@waffles well yo udon't have an amulet or glove equipped so i would start there, lol.
First i would work out some Life on Hit, or Life steal for your character, as your completely lacking. After you get that hashed out, work on increasing your crit chance.

@morganism Nice stuff ^^ i would shoot for a weapon with life steal, and perhaps change out the pants for inna's, or get a crit lacuni for the movement speed.

Next upgrade should definitely be those pants! With a skorn build you aren't benefiting from the IAS, there is no AR, and you are sacrificing your main stats. I would consider picking up some Depth Diggers and gain a few thousand life and most likely damage from the increased int. Besides that, looking pretty solid! :]
i have no clue what i am doing
-You already have great gear it is hard to find a piece that you need to upgrade, prolly a perfect crit vision with the same stats as you have now.

- There is a lot of things to work on here but you can start with replacing that blue ring and get a weapon with LOH or LS and a socket get a higher average damage mojo too. Gear is quite cheap in the AH now.
@Xon I think you could support a crit chance tal ammy. with the loss of the vit/all resist or Prowlers 4-5%CC for that 24% movement.
Seems Rakimallah already has some advice.
accidentally a Graveswitch!
already looks good to me, though I should really try your skill setup. (aside the sw and sh they are self explanatory to me for survival)
That skill setup isn't what i usually use tbh. I normally have Pierce the Veil instead of Jungle fortitude.
@reap definately the helm on shoulders some vile wards would do nice for not to expense
@dan Crit chance is low: crit+cd+int gloves/crit pox/crit prowlers/crit tals ammy with a dagger with a socket.
@jimbob, your dps is good but it seems like your ehp may be a little low. as for a single piece of gear its tough to say. really nice gear. all i can think of is to reroll the hellfire ring
Hey Copy. With pierce the veil and only one mana regen item you must be having mana issues. I would look into a good Witch knife with mana regen. You may or may not have to give up a touch of dps depending on your budget.

Second look into some lacunies, or inna pants, the movment grains really make farming more fun.
You have some really nice pieces. Liking the acid cloud build. Not really sure what you could upgrade. You could probably look for a better witching hour but I bet ones with freeze on chance rolls are expensive and hard to find a good roll.
Feeling like the last three guys as far as suggestions, you all have nice builds. I'm feeling rather stuck though, and hoping I'm overlooking something.
Not really sure how you manage to stay alive with only the LOH on your pants. Get a lifesteal skorn or stack more LOH and switch to a acid cloud build. You also need to get a witching hour. Reason everyone uses them. Also you ammy needs to have both crit chance and crit dmg, or its a good place to put LOH. Your vile wards can be easily upgraded too.
I have 620k EHP unbuffed. Not much need for LOH in solo play since I kill so fast. If I went to witching hour I would lose 40k EHP. If You want to run with me feel free to add and if you can keep up with the damage and stay alive I can run up to MP6 before mana becomes an issue and I have to start kiting. I solo MP4 for speed runs. The main problem I'm having is that every upgrade is stupid expensive. I'm not saying what you suggested is the wrong way to go but if I switched one of the items, I'd have to switch a bunch more to get the synergy and just don't have the gold for it.
need help here, dps is too low any advice would be great but I am not rich.

I love my WD but basically stuck on MP 0-1

Start trading MF gear for stuff with crit chance. The higher MP will make up for the lower MF.
Yes I see that now , do I need to worry about att sp and crit dam?
Attack speed isn't so important with bears as they drain mana very fast. Crit damage is important on every build.

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