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Witch Doctor
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12/10/2012 01:27 AMPosted by Skyn
@mooky Not sure what youre going for with your setup, but I believe the most viable upgrade for you at the moment would be to replace your helm with a visage of similar stats (all res, crit, high int) but look for high mana regen and replace your dagger with a black damage life steal weapon with higher crit dmg/dps. I feel as though a spear would suit you best due to 1.2 aps and high low-high end dmg, seeing as how you have high attack speed already with your nice !@# trifectas.

Been looking for a good visage for a really long time but none as good as I wanted. My knife does have life steal of 2.8% but what I love most is the plus 12 mana regen. Yummmmm...... Thank you for your comments. :0)
you guys skipped me :'(
Crit chance on Lacuni > crit chance on pox > crit chance on vision > Work on getting more VIT/Life% on gear your HP is a bit on the low side.

Only thing I can think of is trying to get more +PuR, to help with GF, or swap to spirit vessel.

can't really say since I dont know how well you do higher mp levels but other than that your gear looks pretty solid
@ momentum, where is your diablo 3 profile

I'd go for a better off hand ring....Unity maybe?
12/10/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Skyn
you guys skipped me :'(

we don't follow rules around here ><
@Rakimallah : bracers with crit and all res.
12/10/2012 05:37 PMPosted by skitzflik
@Rakimallah : bracers with crit and all res.

agreed. been window shopping for crit, res and maybe even armor but losing any int and vit doesn't sit well with me
Viile Ward, more dps carving knife, amulet is easy upgrade
@ itgscv.
I think you can invest some of that vitality for intelligence, crit chance and crit damage, along with attack speed. You are running pretty good health, maybe sacrifice some for the DPS?
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And to the doctor above me, I'd say some better slacks and tshirt should be pretty cheap!

Edit: Aww man.

And how might I properly do it?
I cant do you. Link your diablo profile... >.>
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wow, your a tank.
@ lebirk Probaby a higher avg. damage Zuni SoS. Or a CC zuni pox... either way, kinda pricey. Good Luck!

As for me, I'm currently geared for MP10 support build. Go easy, lol
@lebirk your DPS is okay considering PtV, but your EHP is low. I'd look at getting a better Mojo to add to the DPS and looking to swap out some items for more VIT. Your Depth Diggers have a good INT roll on them, maybe you should put some Amethysts in them a long with finding a couple other items with more VIT. Amethysts in your helm would help out too.

@Bujista as far as support goes, you seem to be incredibly well rounded. The only thing I would suggest is trying to get a better roll on your Hell Fire. It's good, but I'm sure it can be a lot better. 6% CC is very nice though so it might be hard to upgrade lol.

i would save up for a radiant star emerald in your weapon, that 30% CD would add a nice chunk and its a solid buy to have at least 1 radiant emerald in stash. i have 1 sitting in stash just waiting to use on an OS manajumas. your gear is pretty solid, 40k hp w/ 4k armor is good enough for farming up into the higher mps.

possibly look into a weapon with LS or more LoH gear if you're having trouble surviving at all, Manajumas is nice with 200 INT, 2.X LS and good crit damage

Blackthorns are also great pants for the 400+ LoH, life % and stats

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