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Witch Doctor
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I'm a little confused. You're using a hellfire ring but no xp gem in your helm. If you're not trying to maximize xp gained, then I would suggest using something better than the current hellfire you're wearing.

Besides that, I would suggest your offhand.
@PuppetMaster, brilliant gear, mate. Have you had any issues with your hp? 36k is good, but have you looked at the benefits of trying to stack a little more? Your dps is insane. Is it blasphemous to think about swapping an INT gem for a VIT one?
Hi there, I really like your balance between dps. 50k hps while maintaining 100k+ dps and high res.

I recommend that you replace your tal helm for zuni vision. You can get a equivalent or better dps vision helm for quite cheap now. Goes for 220+int with 3.5+cc, these are not expensive anymore. Just did a AH searched, you could get a 3.5cc with 235int for 17m or go a bit higher and gain a bit of dps. Completing your 4 pieces zuni set bonus is the best thing you can get. Farming with the 4 pieces in low mp is great.
Shopan, that's tough, Only thing I can't think of is hope for more optimized Hellfire ring. Maybe higher DPS dagger? hard to come by with the amount of crit you have..

My boots and non-hellfire ring are strictly for farming. I have ice climbers and semi-decent ring.
come taze me bro
- Zuni vision and Amu with CC

Possibly Blackthorne's pants with all resists.

Anything with movespeed.

Higher AR Zuni boots with armor and 8% poison.
- Great gear overall prolly a zuni ring with CC :)
I just started witch doctor after getting a string of pretty good int drops, and not being able to find upgrades for my DH anymore

@ xoniuqe Nice gear, haven't had too much luck with wd weapon but it seems you have. :) I would probably look into a helm next, seems like the most room for improvement. Maybe the Witching hour as well.
Please let me knnow what i should Upg ;) Suggestions welcome!
@react hey dude gears looking good but i would say a higher damage mojo would be the least expensive upgrade and beneficial
got skipped, oh well :)

@ Kingtako

I would probably look into a belt next. Insane amount of life % too, lol
socket manajuma
@Nurgle the only big thing i see is the missing socket on that knife! overall gear looks awesome would also try to get gloves and bracer with all resist but probably would be had to find similar ones with the pick up radius
@KingTako your gear is pretty sweet man. you just need a few better version of zuni's (but that could be said about anyone). get a witching hour your dps well jump significantly.
@gabrieo, you have a Hellfire ring so you obviously care about xo, but no ruby in helm. Why not take out one or two of the gems in your other gear and put amethysts in them if you need the HP. Then you can up the +exp of your gear.

When looking at my gear, keep in mind I play HC
@Teacher Hard to say for HC but i guess you would need more LoH or LS, maybe on your weapon if you can afford it.

edit: btw my purple gem was for ubers, im usually using a ruby
possibly get lacunis they would help alot!

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