MP 10 Critical Mass Farm Team

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No offense War but tonight was perfect example why many cm sucks. All of us died due to lag and freezes when ordinarily we'd rarely die way we are stacked on D. It's just unpleasant IMO not to be able to react instantly and move / port out of impending disaster not to mention the grind to stand still like playing game on your gandmas computer. I usually farm alone or with one other cm max since 4 has serious bandwidth issues or game just can't handle calculations. Everytime it's been like this for me and others. Like ive rolled with shand, philer, and nitro and all experienced same phenomena. But it's fun when it's working. All those bombs dropping was cool and elites evaporated, when it worked.
Im down for key farming MP10 and uber MP8. I freeze pretty well with 50% crit buffed and 2.74 attack speed. I also use stretch time or time warp depending what the group wants.
You guys need to be running 2 time stretchers with 2 20% dps bubblers or 1 have tele/electify or something. That will be more effective than having near 4 aps lagging the crap outta each other dying lol.

APS beyond 3.35 is pretty pointless anyway, especially pointless for meteors - I've tested with double bubble + 2 doll. 2 doll is also more effective since WD's don't spam up the fps more than we do...close but not enough to perma lag.
amitabha#2120 3.35 aps without bubble ..frost/prism/chain/liquefy ww/aspect .....maybe we can make 2 teams :)
Sounds like fun, I'm in. Tag trayen#1284
add me Yahnie#6544
It's kind of sad when 4 CM/WW get together....There isn't much of an issue with graphical/cpu lag (for my at least), but if theres a larger pack of monsters, the game just starts to stutter from all the server lag.

We should stick with 2-3 per team at most, and maybe an archon...or another high DPS class.
what if one of the guys completely drops wicked wind and exp blast for a meteor centered build
also were u guys running chain reaction or time bomb?
I´m a Archon wizard.
What's gear requirements for this? I think I'm not quite there yet, but having a target in mind would help me get there sooner.

Current CM/WW stats (all completely unbuffed)
APS: 2.76
CC: 48
Resists: 626 minimum
Armor: 5429
Life: 39K
APOC: 19

Also, I normally run with teleport and find that it saves my bacon at least once per maghda/sk fight. How are you guys managing the lack of teleport (e.g. for SK ports, arcane sentries, time bubbles w/ rocks)?
OP Updated with some general min specs to be effective at MP10.
Thanks! I'm not as far off as I thought. Left off my DPS: 59k. Will upgrade and get back to you guys ^_^.
I am in, crzyc79#1150
Archon/CM wiz. Have gear to switch around anytime for whichever situation. Currently in max mf/xp gear.

APS = 3.35 (ranked 4th in US)
Crit Chance = 61% (ranked 25th in US)
DPS = 80k
AR = 550avg
Armor = 4200
APOC = 20
LOH = 885

I run SNS + Electrify
DPS is not quite there yet. Working on getting some crit damage without dipping below 2.73 APS.

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