MP 10 Critical Mass Farm Team

Hey add me Tony#1283
Gimmie a week or two and my AR/Armour/hp should be where it needs to be. Everything else I got and then some.
Add me ansela#1540
Hit me up.... just missing some AR/amour..
working on that, but dammed, stuff are expensive :P
Check me please and add if you want to. Cheers
add me bigjohn#1234

ATS 2.74
DPS 180K
Finally made spec/gear check. If you're still doing this, I'm game, angra#1976.

unbuffed = 86.8k DPS, 900 LoH, 39K Life, 620 lowest res, 5000Armor, 49%CC, 2.76APS.

I often do archon for farming, so profile here may or may not reflect these stats.
Hello wizards! I'm a monk who has been farming mp10 together with a sns wizard so i've seen its incredible power :) Combined with my dmg mantra and vortex skill this must be the best farming possible.

Add me to the team if monks are welcome :)

165k dps shield monk
Bringing this back...need more buddies!
Minimum Requirements for CM/WW SNS @ MP10
30K HP
4000-5000 Armor
48% CC
2.74% IAS
900 LOH

Add Warath#1889


time to destroy blizz's servers

oh im already your friend, warath. sad im at work :(
Minimum Requirements for CM/WW SNS @ MP10
80K DPS --> 100k
30K HP --> 39k
600AR --> 700+
4000-5000 Armor -->5.5k
48% CC --> 56cc
2.74% IAS --> 2.74
18 APOC --> 30
900 LOH --> 1500

Took me a bit longer than I thought but I made it! :O) Sign me up!

inb4 we all get trolled by tzo krin and the gang T_T
V1powered#1919 Well above minimum requirements, add me!
add me im pro
Add me, I'm game. Bushido74#1817
Can we start a new club that requires 200k unbuffed dps. If so, I want in. add me fellow 200k dps / 780 ehp people
I don't think it's a "club," nor do you really understand the purpose of the thread?

4x CM is for undergeared people who need the bubble boost. With the stats you're proposing you could afford to go MP10 with 2x CM and 2 DPS slots. My dream team is 2 CM, a Barb for WC, and a Monk for Overawe. Y'all are probably going to mock my EHP and claim the barb's unnecessary, which may be true. But the Monk is crucial. A 48% damage buff for the other 3 is worth far more than whatever your 4th CM would produce.
Add me

Add me Azodeus#1244 though I think you are alerady on my friends list Warath.
Businesscut#1503 cheers!
bonokoot#1144 200K cm wiz

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