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Something I have been considering, I was thinking what would be the ultimate Legendary helm I could get, and I came up with what I think Bliz should look in to. I stead of LOH (Life On Hit) you get a helm that has a socket and you can get MOH (Money On Hit) or GOH (Gold On Hit) this would be the ultimate legendary peice ever. Every time you hit a monster your min MOH would be like 60 and it would roll a Max MOH of like 1.5k or something like that. This my friends would make us all rich (even the monks whom are destened to be broke).
when i saw MOH, i thought of Masters of Hardcore (a music label from Holland) and got excited that someone here listened to the same music :P
HAhaha not quite but I'll lookem up.
Bots would LOVE this.
lowest dps with high attack speed, loh,/life regen, and poison damage. then just frenzy ghom or some other boss with high health and no cc skills. click mouse on ghom, weight mouse button down, go to the pub
11/22/2012 02:25 PMPosted by DCYPL
Bots would LOVE this.

True never thought of that, good point, but they'll never stop the bot....just part of the game.
this is a pretty dumb thread.
^^^^What he said.
uhhhh goldskin anyone..?????
Does this roll on the gold skin?

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