AH not working, can't see the items i sell

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So i put 4 items ON RMAH and GMAH
2 hours later i decide to check if some one have put a similar item for a less amount of gold/euro
and here is my problem
i dont see my items like i never put them for sale on the first place.
So i remove them, and put em up again, after 1hour it was the same , i asked 4 people of my fr list to check if they can see the item's i put on ah, and they said they couldn't find em either.
i even try to change IP ( go to net caffe ) and put them for sell, once again i did not see the items.
i already make a ticket ( 5 horus ago?) so does any1 of you have the same problem as me
(seems to happen on rmah for every item i put on gmah is liek 4 out of 5 i dont see )
Same on EU servers with a pair of IK boots! I tried to put them several times and they NEVER appear. I even tested putting them for 100k and they didnt sell nor appeared on the list
same problem here, i cant see my own items on ah.. please fix this blizzard, my stash is full now.
I hope this gets solved sooner as USA is now affected by this problem too. In Europe we have this issue for 5 days already and still no fix or eta on fix.

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