Auction house bug my items doesn't show

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Hi there i got a big problem with the auction house pretty much all my items i find, and put out on auction house does not simply show for me or nether my friends when i search for them, i type in every single stats it got and nothing apper,so it pretty damn hard to sell some items now day so please fix something about this. also got a big problem with items that doesent dissaper after they are expired, and also the list does not show 10 items at each page even that its even more item pages. do some other player got the same problems? please everyone that has this problem show it for the blizzard support now so they can do some about it becous thickets wont work they only tell you to try find others with same problem on auction and work togather here on the forum. this is on the hardcore auction at europe.
I got the same problem.
same, but this doesnt effect all of my items!

i've also seen an armor i put on the AH like 1 week ago ... and while i wanted to sell it again (now) ... its showing he exact same armor with the same stats / name as expired.
even the min/buyout price could be my numbers.

pls fix this - thanks :)
I found a lot of messages from people who have this problem, but BLIZZARD still do not want to fix it. Why?
same for me.

It seams to only be with certain items i have tried cancelling the auction and remaking it, but still the same problem.

I also keep getting kicked out of battle net when im using the AH saying that i have made too many actions.
same here only affect gold AH for me not all items
good guys keep the good work up if you got friends that got the same problem, please tell them to make a post here, and explain there problem here so that blizzard accually see that alot of ppl have some problems related to the auction house. /cheers!
Write tickets. Way more efficent than posting on offical forum.
same prolbem her,e i have ticket open for a 2 days now, so does my friend seems like blizzard don't care
the same for me, many items of me are not shown in AH
I got the same problem.
Some items appear in the AH, some not...

it has something to to with the durability
if you lose some durability on the items they where showen in the ah...
same here!!!!
Ticket sent...same here...rmah not working properly, my items dont show
yes same with me all my legandaries doesnt show.
These items have never been on ah before just found em lacunis vilewards and skorn.
Never used never on ah before.
None of them shows in ah.

Very very annoying
i wil keep bumping ur post that is now for several days maybe weeks . Was wondering why my vilewards dont sell. thats the worst bug for me so far.
that surly sux !@#. If they make a an ah which u need to play to be "good" they nned to make it working i for myslef cant find most of my items on the ah .
i guess that manymanymany ppl have that problem but probably 90 % arent aware of that.
blizzard plz fix i cant sell anything nothing visible
how to send ticket?
This bug is really really annoying. Please Blizzard fix this soon.
I cannot find most of my items on the auction house. My friends can't find my items too.

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