bug on Champion's Collection

Bug Report
hi all,

I am doing the 3 elite challenge archievements.

in Unique collection, the hardest one, there are still lots of elite haven't been seen.

in rare phenomenon, only two left, sand dweller and armaddon, but i am quite sure i have met and killed sand dweller in storm hall.

in champion collection, only three left, fallen cur, skeletal marauder and subjugator, and i have killed subjugator as i remeber.

are your boxes of sand dweller, armaddon, fallen cur, skeletal marauder and subjugator unchecked too? if so please reply me. let's see if it is a bug.
Rare armaddon can be found in the Sacellum of Virtue dungeon that spawns on the southern edge of the Gardens of Hope Tier 2. It may take a few tries but trust me, you will eventually find it there.

Champion skeletal marauder can be found in the Battlefield Stores dungeon that spawns in the center of the Battlefields map.

Rare sand dweller, Champ fallen cur & subjugator are all bugged.
thx dude

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