My XP Leveling Video

Demon Hunter
I made a quick video of what I do on my runs. First time recording so quality sucks. I only started to use ball lightning recently and I think it's faster than multishot for solo runs. In groups I think it's faster if one person has multishot. Anyways I'm sure there are faster ways but I'm just going to stick with this. I use a leoric ring, hellfire, and ruby in helm. My follower has a leoric, hellfire, and XP gear. Also just to mention I only have 30 disc. I average about 1mil XP points per minute.

Hey blk! Love your balanced build! How much follower helps in xp bonus? I never quite get that.
96k health is just absurd...

sorry, didn't want to be "that guy" that hijacks your video post

gl on reaching 100

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