Just bought the gamed—hello!

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Welcome to diablo 3, in my highly biased opinion you should hop over to the wd forums and realize that witch doctors are the best class to play :> It's a great game and hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I have. But in reality play whats fun for you and just enjoy the game.
Play the game untill you beat inferno on MP0. youll get your money worth. Then move on. Play a WW barb, its OP for gear required.After that the game is a mindless time waste.People that enjoy the game are casual gamers. The end game is trash and non progressive.If you wanna spout some smart comment and call me a hater, get 26k elite kills then talk.

Have played since launch and beat belial before nerfs, this game has its moments go see the hghest ubers you can solo, or try unique builds through high mp, and you will soon realize you can use mechanics and such and not just outgear everything you play and have loads of fun even in the high end. With only 26k elite kills lol, play some more and experiment, then come talk to me.

some play for loot efficiency etc, but ultimately if your not having "fun" reevaluate what your doing and find what you feel is enjoyable, it might not be the most efficient playstyle possible but once or twice a week i will go through and full act clear at mp10, acts 1 and 3, efficient not in anyway whatsoever, but fun most definitely.

A char named old greg you scare me :P

Or another one take 10-15 million gold budget build a toon and pick an mp to beat inferno with, try hardcore, lots and lots of things you can do to have tons of fun at this game. Bit frustrating at times, but this development team has been steadily turning this into the game of the year, hopefully the decade.
Welcome to the game!
botters/dupers/scammers/cheaters/buggers/exploiters no answer from blues...""oh hello i bought game nice to meet you all"" DING BLUE is here in 5 minutes....this is RIDICILOUS...passionate comunity? you are blue and troll?...okay oh yes forgot to tell

Welcome to Barblo 3 the most exploited/boted game ever :)

Oh man, u made me laugh, blue and troll? lol
Welcome and enjoy the game.. Its a good one!
11/27/2012 10:07 AMPosted by Vaeflare
We have a very diverse and passionate community of Diablo III players


btw... welcome (;
11/27/2012 10:07 AMPosted by Vaeflare
We have a very diverse and passionate community of Diablo III players

Nice spin. 10/10
Hi, OP!

Welcome to D3! :)

I also love D3, since it's a simple game that you can just pick up and stop anytime. No need to follow convoluted stories or anything. Hack and slash in its purest form! :)

Since you're a DH and I'm a heavy tanker, once you level your DH feel free to add me if you need reinforcement on the front line! :)
Just got the game myself about a month or so ago its pretty fun up to 60 then its just a grind but same as any of the previous 2 Diablo games out there. Good luck!!
HI!! You can call me Hamburger Hands!! I LOVE THIS GAME AND I LOVE YOU!
When you see a hulking phasebeast ... turn around ;) Welcome to D3.
There is nothing to do with gimping I can pull 60m + an hour on xp gain in at least 15-20 different witch doctor builds i have tested. I wouldnt call this "gimp" i would call this diversity and fun. If your really curious mentio the forum post and add me, I would be more then happy to show them off, or explain whatever, I am not doing a 10 page writeup when leading by example is far easier.
@OP Just remember that it's not too late to get a refund if you do not enjoy this game.
11/27/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Formosa
lol @ at noobs: "Ignore all the haters/forums". Just take a look at their profiles.

I looked at YOUR profile, are you lol at yourself too?
welcome to the twisted world of Sanctuary, young one!
here you shall find joy and anguish, but enjoy the roller coaster of emotions.

and when you're ready, roll a MONK, and join me in the Darkside, Luke... >;)
Welcome to Diablo III. :)

We have a very diverse and passionate community of Diablo III players, and two suggestions I'd have for you is to make sure you check out the [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/#forum3354995"]Diablo III Class forums[/url] for some excellent class advice from some of our veteran players, and the [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/7627092/"]Looking for Group forum[/url] if you're interested in grouping up with like-minded players.

Enjoy your stay in Sanctuary, and happy demon hunting!

id hav to say that this is the 1st blue post that upset me. makes me feel like every person who announces they just got the game should get a big old blue welcome.

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