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@sialong, Very Nice! 9/10 solid combo of Dps and Ehp
Wow phambone! Thats a really sweet mix you got there. Humongous life and dps to boot. I thought your weakness was loh but you even got that! I'm not a hugely experienced player but 8.5-9/10? Making me think about my WD set up too.....
your gear is good chilli76

6/10 We need to get you some life steal ASAP. After that it's the standard zunni set, then a witching hour...
Blackjack, very nice damage and fun build

9-9.5/10 acid build? could use a little more armor and vit, Vile Ward wouldn't be that hard to upgrade, just snag the same one but with vit on it.

I love your tal ammy.

8/10 You could use some more Vitality to make use of the %Life 43K Hp isn't bad, but I personally like more. Like me you could use CC on your amy.
Nice, your gear is exquisite 10/10

I'm sure i'm not gonna get very far with showing my WD over here, but I'm only here for fun.

As i can see, i have low DPS for a Witch Doctor, but my character only existed for about a week or two, and i find my tactics very enjoyable.
If my foe(s) is/are stopped by my rather resistant army, i'll burn them with acid, give them a column of fire shooting fireballs at them, use haunt on the foe(s) then annihilate them with poisonous firebats, normally nothing lives very long by the time all of that is applied.

3/10 Your WD has decent HP but as you said your damage is low. Time to start getting gear with CC and CD. I do have to say for only a couple weeks not bad.

3/10 Your WD has decent HP but as you said your damage is low. Time to start getting gear with CC and CD. I do have to say for only a couple weeks not bad.

9/10 you have nice gear, some of it I'm jealous of most of it. I gave you an 9 because some of those gems need to be upgraded, and maybe some crit chance on that amulet, but I know those are hella expensive.
@seraph 83/10.0
chuck we need to start a new rating system for you and some of the top WDs around here.

9.5 out of 10, your life and dps are fantastic obviously. Armor, Allres and LOH (assuming an acid build) need some work. (I get that you are probably geared for PVP, but I am assesing you PVE as that is what your skill set seems to indicate with grusome feast, soul harvest and life is death on your grasp...)
@blackjack I give u a 10/10 at being my personal rater. every single time I post in one of these its you that posts right after to rate me lol
nice A+
Not inentional chuck.
Too good!!
Not bad Jangbahadur and although I do deduct one point for softcore players...JK Man, I would love to have a few of those pieces on my hc char tho. I do ask this , Why go with the ManaJuma weapon only? For the weapon only, the dps seems a little low. Very nice gearz tho all around.

I am inbetween weapons atm so be merciful. Once I find one with decent leech I can giv up my loh amulet for a trifecta. Hc is brutal!

7/10 need gems =)

nice damage. but the hp is low. nice wd btw

I prefer a slightly higher HP for a WD, around 60k (let's face it, it's a fragile class and the longer you can spam bears or cloud, the best results you will get), but I think your items and build are well balanced. Still, as acid cloud seems to be your main DPS generator maybe a Zuni set or VQ plus spiders and a SoJ would help when those hard to kill enemies pop up in a swarm, so you don't run out of mana.


Lacuni Prowlers. I really love that movement speed bonus on it.

Nice lacuni with 6% CC.


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