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6 cc VoG maybe? I'm guessing you're not doing Inna's pants because of the defense you would lose? You could also probably get trifecta gloves. 9/10

I think Zuni boots+Pox might give you a decent DPS boost also but again you would probably lose a lot of defense.

more vit res and armor pls! love that you're running unity jousting mail though. 7/10
thanks for advice, which item can i get pickup radius that is not a thing of a deep and not gloves? can that be found on a vile ward or a witching hour?
@Death, pretty freaking solid WD you got going on there, I can't even see much to change, except maybe a higher damage weapon, I suppose.

@Death, pretty freaking solid WD you got going on there, I can't even see much to change, except maybe a higher damage weapon, I suppose.


Solid gearset! I would think your ehp would benefit more from +ra, perhaps at the expense of some vit. I am baffled that your dps is so high without cc on your zuni ring and amulet! Those would definitely be big upgrades.

@Whoever rates me - I know my hellfire is awful. It's the best int roll I've gotten out of 15 made, and I've kinda given up. Haha.
how am I lookin?? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

@Wind 9/10 nice build!

7/10? You have no Movement Speed on gear, I don't undersand how you can handle that. My WD was a level 7 on Wednesday, so I'm still learning. How am I doing?

*Please if veteran responding, help Hitman too, I don't know what to tell him

Hard to critique your build.
On hand I like that you strafe from the norm, great intelligence number, semi decent vit
I would 100% look for a visage with some crit on...below 4cc is very cheap.

But for a WD it's very hard not to go with the 4 piece Zuni. The 20 mana regen is so great to have. But that's just my opinion.

I still rate your WD 7/10 just for originality and overall decent damage with decent EHP

Have fun!

10/10 OP wd as hell. Is that 200k unbuffed?
@ darkseraphim

Yes sir it is

My goal is 200K DPS with 100K life while maintaining armor and All res

Still have a long ways to go but the DPS is there already.

thank you for the nice comment
@azakiah: Solid build, you could more ar in your belt for bracers but as you know it will cost a fortune.

I'm a total newb at the bear build. Some of the gear is carried over from my wiz. I quickly put together gear to test out if I like this build and it's fun, I like it. I focused a lot on max and regen mana so I could spam bears. Bang for the buck ideas are welcomed for this wd newb, thanks much.

Yes your build looks really good. Makes me want to get a Glory Fetch LOL.


You seem to have quite a lot of the right items, but they are pretty low quality version of them that don't contain the important stats like CC or CD.

First item I would probably upgrade is a better version of the "Thing of the Deep" with more Average Damage than you are currently packing. Considering how little time you state you have been working on your WD I think you are doing quite well.
@ Barry Thanks for the advice! I went and found a really nice visage for 25m witch wasnt too bad and it helped a lot. Jumped the dps 6.5k and vit about 3k. I agree that the 4 piece zuni's are nice but I like to drift away from the groups/fads and see what I could come up with. So far so good lol :) Im a bit tanky with decent dps and not doing too bad in MP8 but 10 takes some time to kill mobs. I think the only way around that is with the 4 piece set..... I will just keep shopping around and see if I can stay away from it (zuni set) for now lol
Gem-ing up still trying to keep a balance with all resists, stacking +pots w/ attack speed right now, and saving for a witching hour belt. +800 loh via am. Mostly poison for party favors via bad med.

HP is above average while resistance is below average.
Bracers and Boots will be your next upgrade to have all resist and better rolls.

Also I see you are running splinters with some attack speed and PtV. But your build also have two mana heavy skills, zombie bear and acid cloud. You may have to change one of them to another utility skill.
@twinbuster - pretty good so far, lacking a bit in CC/CD. I'm sure you know that WH would help tremendously. I guess you need to get some more vit/life% from somewhere else if you went that route.

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