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Good start you got going on there.
I'm not sure what MP you're trying to farm, but I remember when I was at about that damage range I relied upon Damage over time skills quite heavily.

I used Locusts (I still do actually) to start draining health and to aggro as many enemies as I could. I think I ran Rain of toads at the time along with probably Firebomb and Flash Fire, or Corpse spiders with leaping spiders to help me kite tougher mobs and not have to worry about being accurate with my shots.
Acid cloud is another good one to use with life on hit, though heavier in mana cost, though an upside is that with the Lob Blob Bomb rune, you can use the blobs to block off doorways to prevent enemies from getting through, while you assault them

I also used Zombie dogs to help keep the heat off me while I went on my DoT/aoe attack spree.

Maybe you could try something similar and see how it works out for you?

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